29 June 2005


i'm not the greatest cook in the world and have never claimed to be. to be truthful, i'm not even that interested in it. the whole process is so tedious. a true sisyphian test. u have to plan, shop, prepare, cook, eat, clean up, then do it all again, and again, and again. it is endless. if i could cut out the rest and just eat i'd be in heaven.

so with this rather (outrageous to some) view in mind, it is mind-boggling what i will do to entertain myself without The Family around. last week i managed to watch a cooking show on tv for over 1 hour. an older woman was presenting, and she had a younger, apprentice-like girl with her, whose role appeared to consist of nothing more than pronouncing 100 different variations of 'hai'. they were baking some pastry-type thing so there was a lot of mixing involved. in fact, that's all they really did but the older woman managed to pull it off without pausing for breath and gave a running commentary the entire time. what the hell is there to say about mixing flour, sugar and eggs together? it was absolutely extraordinary, yet oddly gripping.

if u'r a foodie, u would hate the kitchens here. for some reason, ovens are not the norm and a kitchen consists of a Huge sink, like a laundry sink (no water-saving rules here), a microwave, and a gas cooker with two burners and a grill. v similar to what u'd take camping. suits me fine as i can only cook pasta, although i do miss my baked cheese.

i find this unusual as the japanese produce the most amazing food and food is the national obsession. perhaps they think things are impermanent (living on a fault line and all) so don't invest in appliances that are large and cumbersome and may end up falling into a huge, gaping hole in the earth when the big one hits.

but as most kitchens are quite small, perhaps it's just about the space.

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