17 June 2005

First Day at Work

here i am at my desk on what has turned out to be my first day at work. i thought i was coming in to organise some visa arrangements but i'm rewriting some press releases for some asian software companies.

i'm in a large room with about 8 rows of desks and i'm in the back corner facing everyone, which i love as i get to check out what's going on. there are foreigners and japanese working here, and i've got to say, the japanese are far friendlier than the ex-pats. or maybe i am displaying too much excitement as i'm just about bouncing off the walls as i'm so chuffed to have scored such a cool job.

i still don't know my work hours or days or annual leave or anything. it's all a mystery and quite the bizarre way to do business. hopefully i'll find someone who can not only speak english, but can answer these questions, by the end of the day.

oh, urgent rewriting thingy to do. will write later...

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  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2005

    Hello. Marc has two computers so I finally read all the entries. Excellent commentary. Keep up the good work. Imagine the news and views you will come up with when you actually leave the house and break free from those southern fools and their vocal yet charming baby. Nazza (I would have used my blog name but the cat was out of the bag in entry number 3 0r 4 - oh imagine the fan mail.)