22 June 2005

Home Alone

my anchors have gone and i have been set adrift in the sea of tokyo. mary-lou, jim-bob and little tiger have left the country and are exploring london as we speak. so i am now in the House of Cards all alone (bar the workmen who have swooped in and are renovating the kitchen and leaving all sorts of mess around the place). the house is kinda quiet without the Family around but i'm sure the 3 weeks will fly by. as my weekends will be free, it'll give me a chance to see some of the sights that i've not yet visited.

i'm at work and am waiting for some paperwork to take to the immigration office to start the process of getting my work visa. yay yay yay! i have embraced the japanese work ethic and leave home at about 8 in the morning and get home around 7pm. don't care for the long hours too much but this is great experience and i'm learning heaps. here's a short example of the kind of stuff i'm rewriting:

To this end, personnel management, such as personnel relocation and career management, that is closely associated with training, etc., will be performed from the viewpoint of personnel development of systematically cultivating each employee's capabilities throughout the period of their working as public servants and utilizing their capabilities by placing them at appropriate posts; and introduction of other measures in addition to items being presently implemented will be considered.

this has to be changed so that it sounds like natural english. i had 20 pages of this!

ah, paperwork has arrived. off to immigration i go...

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