27 June 2005

Homeward Bound...

i left the house this morning at 8.00am and it was already 27 degrees. it was like stepping out into a sauna. the humidity must be around 90%. the House of Cards is ok as long as the air-conditioners are constantly running. there's no insulation in the paper thin walls so the minute u turn them off, the house heats up within seconds.

all sorts of beasties have moved into the bathroom, there were some particularly vile looking slugs keeping me company in the shower this morning. i hate slugs! most other critters i can deal with, but i have no idea how to deal with their moist, soft bodies. arrrrrgggghhh! where's jim-bob when i need him! pls send suggestions as to how i get rid of them. they're like snails without the shells. too gross.

i'll be escaping the heat for a few weeks to the cool climate of melbourne. my visitor's visa expires july 5th so i need to leave japan. the paperwork is still being processed for my work visa so i'll have to wait it out in melbourne. the immigration department will send my certificate of eligibility to work here in tokyo, they then fed-ex it to me in melb, i take it to the japanese embassy with my passport and bingo! i can come back to japan.

not the way i wanted to do it, but u can't beat bureaucracy here. the great thing is, i can continue working from australia as they can email me documents to read.

so see ya soon.

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