16 June 2005


good news! i have scored myself a job. had an interview on monday and it went really well, then had to do a couple of rewriting tests then they offered me the job a day later.

my job will be to rewrite directions that have been translated directly from japanese and they need a native to make it sound natural. the directions are for playstation games and they have a new contract for a soccer game. it's in tokyo on the main rail line so v easy to get to. i'll hang with mary-lou and jim-bob for another month or so and look around for my own place.

so it's all good and a big relief to not have to do teaching work. i get to sit at a computer all day and play with words and not have to deal with the other humans too much. hurrah! hopefully i'll learn a bit more about computers as i'm thinking of doing some study in IT so this may help me focus on which area.

it's still raining which is v boring.

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