28 June 2005

Weather Update

pfff, it was 32 degrees when i left home this morning after an overnight low of 27. apparently it stays like this for the next couple of months. it'll be great to be in freezing melbourne and away from humidity. i now have a summer cold, i think from going from moist, hot air to cold, dry air-conditioning. no drama really except for the fact i'm in a country where it is rude to blow your nose in public. i'm learning the art of the discreet (yet constant) sniff. bugger, such a vile habit.

by the way, i was feeling quite proud of myself for a while, thinking i was learning to blend into my new society. but i learned the other day that there are four distinct and particular steps one must take to open a sliding door correctly. i don't know what they are as i tend to crash through them, but this country may yet refine me.

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