3 June 2005

Who's Who

at this point, i should prob introduce the (small) cast of players in this comedy of errors. all names and places have been changed to protect privacy. after all, they may not want the fan mail, whereas i welcome it.

mary-lou and jim-bob - i am staying with these amazing folk from australia at The House of Cards and they are angels incarnate! jim-bob panics when mary-lou and i are in the Think Tank as he doesn't know what cunning plan we will come up with.

jim-bob junior (known as Tiger) - 7 month old son of mary-lou and jim-bob. my little mate, my charge, the cub. he's also my roomie now that we moved the tatami mats around and we now share the digs. my marching man, i adore him.

Matsui-san - new crush for me. i've packed away the buffy/angel scrapbook for the moment and am now collecting paraphernalia on this japanese baseballer who plays for the new york yankees. pls don't ask...but he's fit, has gorgeous smiley eyes and i adore him!

House of Cards - this is the wee house on the school grounds. it's free standing which is a novelty in japan and it has a backyard and a rather lovely green vista from the Think Tank (swinging chair where i spend an extraordinary amount of time). the doorways are quite low and jim-bob and i have to duck our heads as we enter different rooms or u get a rather nasty bump. i've called it the House of Cards as jim-bob mentioned that it would crumble easily in an earthquake.

emmy-lou - friend of mary-lou and jim-bob's. has been an absolute legend, is a fun and gorgeous person. i'm now sitting in her swish apartment, using her new mac laptop. is there no end to the kindness and hospitality of expats in tokyo?

bobby - emmy-lou's boyfriend.

bevan - hates cats, toads and victorians. normally i wouldn't succumb to the charm of these types, but he's a cool guy and very funny.

jack - cool, mellow aussie with a heart of gold and a great humour. very competitive on any sporting arena.

The Guard at the Front of the School - this lovely and discreet japanese man has seen me crawl in after 5.00am on a number of occasions. he is to be commended for his ability to refrain from pointing, jeering and laughing every time he sees me.

Cynics at mogambo's (local bar) - these guys are a version of the greek chorus, but they don't have any wisdom or insight. so they're really just drunks speaking rubbish, but they may offer some pearls over the coming weeks.

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