4 June 2005


And i don't mean the type u find at mogambo's on a friday night, where i have passed many an hour chatting with cynicism to equally cynical expats. no, i mean the real wildlife. The House of Cards has a jungle out back, along the path through the school to the exit. it's tropical, dank and damp and u take your life in your hands just leaving the premises, especially after dark, moreso if there has been a downpour.

the flavour of the month are the toads. sorry don't have pics of them yet but these little suckers are HUGE. they just hang out on the path, listen out for your approaching footsteps then start leaping randomly about in the hope (i am sure) of tripping u up. as if the overhanging vines and creepers and other beasties won't make u! spoke to a guy the other day who described in detail what it feels like to accidentally step on one of em. shudder. but they are quite cute and i asked jim-bob if i could get one as a pet. he was totally against the idea.

there is a food chain as we're all aware, and these poor harmless toads are the delicacy of the Gigantic Crows that hover endlessly on the periphery of one's vision. they are twice the size of the biggest magpies at home and swoop and squawk and hang out on the fence in the backyard. they give me the evil eye when i come out, half dazed after a night of Tiger screaming, to have an early morning ciggie as i welcome the day. jim-bob has a terrible tale of a toad and a crow, but i'll leave that for him to tell.

if u saw me before i left australia, u are probably aware of the devastation and trauma i experienced by having to leave behind my Beloved (also not her real name, but u may know her as Kitty). she is thriving and doing well with her new owner. anyhoo, there are many stray cats around The House and i asked jim-bob again if i could have a wee-little kitty as a pet. he was totally against the idea.

but gosh can these wildcats make some noise. sometimes i wake in the night and think it's Tiger from the other side of the wardrobe, but then realise it's the cats mating outside our window. or maybe they're eating the crows who've just dined on the toads...

apparently there are also Massive cockroaches but i've yet to see a biggie. i spotted one in the cooker when i first got here, it was a couple of inches in size but ran away. prob coz i'm a lot bigger and was brandishing a lethal, plastic spatula and shrieking like a banshee.

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