25 August 2005

Australia's Golden Couple

this is a long overdue entry that i should have made when i first got back from australia at the end of july but i've been waiting for some pics to accompany it. i owe a huge thanks to my sister and her husband for putting me up (putting up with me?) when i went home.

we all know about my fascination with The Beckhams. well, it turns out i stayed with the australian version of the Golden Couple in their palatial home. the spare bedroom i was sleeping in was bigger than the entire size of The Den. they are such a gorgeous couple, they always look fabulous, they have an amazingly huge house, cool cars and are talented, talented, talented. i thought the cupboards in my room were full of storage boxes, but later discovered that they held all posh's shoes. (i'm not criticising this as i found some great wedge boots to wear out one night.) even their dogs are noble, proud beasts; gigantic hounds that rule the household with hilarity.

posh and becks were the epitome of hospitality and generosity. they welcomed me with open arms and posh took some time off work so she could take me to all her favourite shopping haunts, shopping being one of her favoured pastimes, of course. their kindness and thoughtfulness did not waiver even when i inadvertently did the following:

lost one of the hounds when she dug out of the backyard when i was supposed to be looking after them.

had major kitchen crisis when i almost burnt down the kitchen in my one attempt to help cook dinner (damn that mash!)

somehow broke the computer that was previously deemed indestructible.

even my whinging and whining about the flu in my last 5 days was no drama. nothing seemed to faze this magical couple. they were relaxed, happy, content, and obviously so in love with each other, even after 10 years, that it was just beautiful to be around.

cheers posh and becks.

the hilarious hounds. gosh, i miss them.

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