26 August 2005

Smoking WILL Kill Me

japan is known for having relatively lax rules when it comes to smoking in public areas. the company i work for has two floors of office space and the translation department is on the fourth floor. for some reason, we're not allowed to smoke on this floor, we either go down to the third floor kitchen area, or hang out on the fire escape on either floor.

my fear of heights, combined with my new obsession about earthquakes means that i rarely have a pleasurable smoking experience (and i know what u non-smokers are thinking, so don't even say it!) it is generally with trepidation and fear that i venture out onto the platform perched HIGH above the earth for my nicotine fix; one white knuckled hand gripping the handrail and cigarette clenched in the other. visions swirl through my mind that i am about to be thrown off the fire escape by the first jolt of The Big One and then i am falling, falling, into a huge, gaping hole in the ground then freefalling to the centre of the earth. or worse, where the ground closes up after me and i'm trapped in there forever.

god, my neuroses will kill me before the cigarettes do!

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