18 August 2005


i received some rubbishy spam in my mailbox telling me that mercury has been in retrograde (in Leo!) since about july 23. i worked out the other day that since this date i have managed to successfully achieve the following:

- i got myself around melbourne very easily on public transport, and now around tokyo every day
- i took a flight from melbourne to tokyo without a single hiccup
- i've been in constant email communication with people in australia, japan and at work
- moved into my new flat (The Den)
- had expressions of interest from two other writing jobs

at the risk of a cosmic backlash, who says the planets influence us?! perhaps it's an auspicious time due to gemini ascending in my chart. i've been told it's a bad period for travel, electronic communication, technology in general, and making plans. bring on the retrograde i say!

1 comment:

  1. the trip to melb must have some literary delights for you to publish on this facinating blog site. i visit every day eagerly awaitng the latest update in all your adventures. please tell us more about your new jobs offers. meanwhile back in melb posh and becks waits for a mention......