2 September 2005

Keitai Krazy!

Oh dear. I have a new obsession. I've put aside the earthquake, Matsui, Buffy, Angel and crumbed and deep-fried chicken and prawns. I need to get a mobile phone (keitai) as no self-respecting Tokyo-ite could possibly be without one. I did a bit of research that mainly consisted of choosing the best and latest version and discovered this marvellous piece of technology. It comes in garnet pink too which looks just lovely!

I excitedly walked into a Docomo shop a few days ago to get my new phone. The woman serving me called an interpreter service and we were off! I handed over every piece of hieroglyphically covered paper I had in my possession in my eagerness to prove that I was eligible for such a wondrous keitai. Then she told me how much it cost. I had been told by various people that I could get a new phone for about 3,000 yen ($35.00) when signing up for 12 months or more. This phone was going to cost me 31,000 yen ($369.00) with a plan. It was with a disheartened and crushed spirit that I considered my options. Perhaps I need never eat again, I've always said food is totally over-rated. And who needs clothes? I can't find any to fit me in Toy Town anyway! I had almost convinced myself that the most rational choice I could make was to hand over my ATM card when I realised that there was no money in my account. Oh woe, oh unhappy soul.

The saleswoman showed me some other models but I just couldn't look at them. They were all flip phones and I don't like them. Some even looked like children's toy phones (no surprises I guess in Toy Town) which almost brought me to tears. I was unable to make a decision so it was with very heavy feet and slumped shoulders that I wandered off into the night to aimlessly walk the streets, unable to phone, sms, mms, videotalk, email, pay bills, book tickets, web browse or take photographs or video. What a meaningless existence.

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