28 September 2005

My Head feels like Fuffle

Feeling very sorry for myself today.

Had a ball last night but didn’t get to chat to The Guardian guy, I’m not even sure if he was there. My personal challenge was completely forgotten by the fourth round of drinks and I missed the opportunity to slip my new words into my conversation with the Bloomberg boys I was hanging out with. Bugger!

The PR woman was doing an amazing job as she tried to get me to become a member. It costs a fortune I just don’t have at the moment, so I’ll have to be Syd’s guest whenever I go.

For some reason, I ended up taking six trains in my effort to get home (it should have been a direct train ride from Yurakucho to where I live!) I got completely bamboozled and thought I had to change trains, which is what I usually do when coming from the opposite direction. I ended up changing so many times I had no clue which direction I was headed in and didn’t recognise the station names. It wasn’t a bother really, just an inconvenience as I was quite sleepy and just wanted to be in bed.

I’d better work out how to use the GPS on my phone.

Can't write, head pounding.

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