12 September 2005

A Quiet Day at Work.

In fact, based on the last two weeks, here’s an average work day:

7.00am – Alarm goes off. Roll over, turn it off, groaning and cursing. A hangover may or may not be involved.

7.40 – Glance at the accursed alarm clock and freak out as I don’t know where the last 40 minutes have gone and I’m still swanning around in bed. Swear again and promise myself I won’t stay in bed too long tomorrow!

7.40 - 8.15/8.30 – Race around the apartment looking for something clean to wear, have shower etc. I’m supposed to leave at 8.15, but inevitably it will be 8.30 before I get out the door.

8.55 - 9.05 – Arrive at work huffing and puffing as I’ve just run from the tram stop and have dashed up 3 flights of stairs.

9.05 - 1800 – Turn on computer and skull 500 ml’s of water to start the day off. It's so humid and hot, I have to drink a few litres a day. Check emails to see if anything arrived overnight. Nothing ever has. Go to Favourites and check all my favourite bookmarked blogs. Currently it’s set at about 15 but the list is growing everyday. Depending on how much has been written, this can take a couple of hours. Drink about 1 litre of water during this time. Check news sites and respond to emails.

Go to lunch. This is a pot-luck activity. Regardless of where I go, I’m never quite sure what I’ll end up with as I can't read any of the labels.

After lunch activity: search internet for random sites. As I am addicted to the net, I am more than happy scouring through page after page of random and, quite often, absolute rubbish. Have afternoon snack and more water. More browsing.

Leave work at 1800 and will either go home or out for dinner and drinks.

This probably sounds quite boring, but I really enjoy it. I enjoy listening to the translator’s speaking Japanese around me (I figure this will help attune my ear to the language for when I finally organize some classes!) I chat with Syd on my left, Ol’ Blue Eyes on my right, and the other rewriters, and we have a good laugh. I even do the occasional rewrite.

It’s great not to have the pressure I had at my last job, to constantly feel responsible for other people’s happiness. (I know I wasn’t supposed to feel that, but I did!) In this job, I am left to my own devices and I am revelling in my newfound autonomy. We have some Sony and Sega games coming up, so my boss said to make the most of it whilst it's quiet. I am.

And, as I narrowly avoided being hit by lightning yesterday (truly), life is wonderful!

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