29 September 2005

This morning is the kind of morning that makes you sing, “IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE!” (my own rendition).

The typhoon over the weekend (that wasn’t) cleared the smog and grime away and today is a perfect autumn day. The sky actually looks blue instead of its usual nondescript colour, and the air is fresh and clean which promises much for the months ahead. I haven’t had a winter since Australia’s winter in mid 2004 so I am looking forward to rugging up and feeling the cool, crisp air on my face.

I dance down the street to get the tram. With a jaunty spring in my step, I leap in and...uff! I recoil as a blast of hot air hits me full in the face. It's like stepping into a nursing home for the aged as the air is heavy and stale and stinks of old food scraps. If it were this hot outside, the air conditioner would be on!

I arrive at work and it’s the same thing. The heating is on, and it’s pumped up to 26 degrees. Apparently once autumn hits, that’s it. No room for fluctuations, no Melburnian four-seasons-in-a-day attitude. This is it baby. Now it’s all about suffocating, stifling over-heating.

I’ll be singing a different song for the rest of today.

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