5 September 2005

To You, Derek!

I found out today that a friend in Australia died yesterday after a long and protracted battle with severe lung problems. He went through a lung transplant about 4 years ago with grace, good humour and positivity. Things didn't quite take though and he was awaiting another transplant.

Derek was an amazing person and he touched the lives of everyone he encountered. He had a remarkable sense of humour and had the most infectious giggle I have ever heard. Despite the challenges he faced on a daily basis, Derek managed to bring joy and sunshine into a room when he walked in and he packed more into his short time here than most do in their lifetime.

Derek, I am so sorry that you had to go through everything that you did, and I admire the strenth, resilience and courage you displayed at every turn. I feel privileged to have known you.

Derek, Kampai!

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