27 September 2005

Todays Word of the Day Is...


Thanks to the great Moonarcher for sending this through.

Fuffle, it turns out, is the linguistic ancestor of kerfuffle and curfuffle.

I love it! I love words that sound exactly like what they are, which I also just discovered are onomatopoetic words.

It is fortuitous that I learned these two words today, as tonight I am going to the Foreign Correspondents' Club in Tokyo for some drinky-poos. I wonder if it will impress The Guardian correspondent. I was eyeing him off last time I was there, not because he is in any way attractive, but because I am terribly impressed by who he is. I am so shallow.

So my mission tonight is to not only talk to him, but to also incorporate these two words into our discussion. I love a challenge.

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