20 October 2005

Blue Earth, Again.

Comments between two rewriters sitting near me:

"Can we leave the 'g' off motherfucking?"

"Is 'motherfucker' one word or two?"

It sux, the boys get to rewrite the Mafia game as Clown-san doesn't think the content is appropriate for us girls. This is an indication that he has obviously not spent any amount of time talking to me as he doesn't realise that I can be as foul-mouthed as a guest on the Jerry Springer show.

Back to proofing the scientific journal which, fortunately, is all about earthquakes so manages to hold my fascination and feed my obsession at the same time. (N.B. Sunday we had a 5.0, and last night a 6.4 so things are very exciting at the moment!)

I can only dream of the day when I get a game to work on. Perhaps Clown-san will let me rewrite the Barbie game, that should be fitting.

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