3 October 2005

Time for Tea

Ah, what was I thinking coming to live in a country where it is acceptable, if not polite, to slurp when drinking tea and eating noodles.

It is so quiet here you could hear a pin drop...if it wasn't for the LOUD SLURPING NOISES everyone is making as they drink their tea. And not just slurping, it's also the heavy sigh that finishes the sip.

I am adjusting to many new and strange things here, but some things I just cannot tolerate very well.


  1. Having lived in Japan for some time I've got the slurping thing down pat. Maybe a tad over the top as I also spill the drinks on me and burp- tres polite in absolutely no culture. So, a Melbourne chick who likes Sean Condon and is thinking about going on the Trans-Siberian next year huh? Just like me. Apart from the gender thing. And I prefer Sean Condon's articles to his books. Have a wonderful time in Japan anyway

    Don't let the earthquakes bother you too much,

  2. Cheers Fatman,
    Sorry I couldn't take your advice re earthquakes. It's like roadkill, you want to stop looking but find you can't.
    Sean's new book is a collection of all his articles so it could be your thing.
    Keep the Trans-Sib Dream alive and let me know what your plans are. You ever thought of a new career as a cross-dressing, dominatrix provodnitsa? Potential baby, potential!