2 November 2005


The Clown just brought a new salaryman up to meet the translators. There was much laughing and joking. Everyone stood bowing over and over, each wanting to be the last one to bow. Business cards were exchanged with great ceremony. Receive the business card in two hands and study it with (unwarranted) fascination, exclaiming over its beauty.

The Clown then walked passed the row where we gaijin copyeditors sit. With a dismissive flick of his wrist he muttered something in Japanese which roughly translated as, ‘these are the foreigners’. The Clown then introduced the new salaryman to the rest of the staff.

We are all still laughing. That is one of the most hilarious things to have happened to me since I got here. So outrageously blatant, or is it blatantly outrageous?

Still, I prefer racism to be openly directed at me as it leaves no room for misinterpretation.

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