28 December 2005


Well, the year is drawing to an end. I've got an hour before I finish up at work and then have a week off so thought I'd take this opportunity to post a final blog entry for 2005.

So far, the festive season has been without incident. I had been dreading it as the last few have been rather cursed:

December 2002 - my job as an actors' agent was made redundant (shortly after being dumped by a boyfriend) and my flat in Collingwood was broken into on Christmas Day whilst I was out celebrating -- cheers to the smack addicts who lived next door for that one.

December 2003 - my house in Northcote was flooded in, what was at the time, the worst storm in 100 years. My work car parked out the front of the house was the benchmark by which we judged how much the river (that was the street) was rising. It got to the top of the dashboard. Lost a lot of stuff, but at least we were all ok.

This Christmas was the complete opposite in its almost non-existence. Don't know which is worse. After chatting to my family on Christmas morning, I jumped on a train to go meet a friend for lunch. In keeping with the Australian theme, I decided to listen to Crowded House on my iPod. Stupid idea when sitting on a packed train. For the first time since being in Tokyo, I was physically overwhelmed by feelings of homesickness. I sat there, suppressing sobs, staring out at the beautiful winter sky and the amazing urban landscape, and all I could think about was the way colours look in Melbourne and what folk were doing there. I had to quickly change the music to trance/techno to change my mood, but the sense of loneliness remained.

In thinking back over the year, I realise that it was quite a big one. It wasn't an easy decision to quit my job, pack up my flat and belongings, and find someone to look after my beloved kitty in order to go and live in a country where I don't speak the language and didn't have a job lined up. It was hard to say goodbye to friends and family and the easy lifestyle in Australia amongst people who know me. God, I miss being around people who know me. Foolish decision? Yes. But ultimately, the right one as it turns out. It sure as hell isn't easy and it's more challenging than I thought it would be, and for different reasons than I thought it would be, but that's also where the satisfaction lies.

Not sure what I'll be doing yet for New Year, but it may involve a shrine, tossing yen and a lot of clapping. Or it might just involve copious amounts of champagne in a sleazy bar in Roppongi. I'll play it by ear. Whatever you're doing, have a safe and fun New Year. Be kind to people around you. Share yourself. Hug people you care about. Why? Because you can.

Bring on 2006!

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