8 December 2005

Public Ablutions

I walk into the kitchen at work for a glass of water.

Someone is in there cleaning their teeth. (wtf?) I smile, politely back out, and go out to the fire escape for a cigarette.

Someone is out there cleaning their teeth! (WTF!) I smile, politely back away, and go to the loo.

The door to the mens' is open when I pass by. Someone is in there and they have left the door open. (WTF!)

Call me uptight, call me anal, heck, call me Ishmael for all I care -- people should clean their teeth in the actual bathroom, and urinate WITH THE DOOR CLOSED! I really don't want to see or hear it.

I return to my desk, still thirsty, in need of a cigarette and wanting to pee.

Two of the guys opposite me are sitting at their desks putting eye-drops in their eyes.

I give up. I'm going to file my nails.


  1. Hang in there, Gaijin Girl! I know what you mean when about these weird habits! Men peeing and spitting in the street. The sound of gollies flying by, and belches on the train. No signs of embarrassment or hesitation! It takes a lot of getting used to, and with 8 years under my belt, I am still wondering when that time will come!

  2. Speaking of cleaning your teeth, I saw these little things in a London airport bathroom that you could chew like gum and were supposed to be like brushing your teeth. I bought some, but I haven't tried them yet -- maybe you can bring them to Japan? Wouldn't solve your bathroom problem, but at least you could get water and smoke more freely.

  3. Nooh Girl, there isn't a lot of self-conscousness happening in this country, is there? Which is strange considering that there is so little privacy in such a densely populated area. Perhaps they have mastered the art of pretending no one is around.

    What are 'gollies'?

    Hamish, love the idea! I could market them here and make a fortune. Let me know what they're like after you've tried them?

    Heheh, I particularly appreciate your concern re me being able to smoke more freely! Very thoughtful. Most people bag me for it :)