22 December 2005

Tinsel is Very Distracting.

Tomorrow is a national holiday for the Emperor's birthday. In a bizarre coincidence it also Festivus tomorrow and I am sure this is the real reason for the day off, but no one wanted to tell the Emperor.

It's strange to be at work. No tinsel, no parties, no acknowledgment at all that Christmas is only 3 days away. I mean, I get it, it's not celebrated here, but sometimes I'm lucky to even get a greeting when I arrive in the morning. Usually, at best, when I greet certain members of staff, they just laugh. I still can't work that one out. All my other friends working in Japan have been quite overwhelmed by the hospitality of their workmates, both Japanese and foreign. I appear to have picked the dud company.

So, I have the next four days off. Jim-Bob and Mary-Lou are home in Oz for a couple of weeks so I am, er, looking after their house, which now looks like a demolition site after being there for only 6 days. (I can write this as I know they don't read my blog.) Over summer, I worked my way through their DVD collection of the box sets of Seinfeld and, oddly enough, The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family, amongst others. I believe I am taking delivery of 'Six Feet Under' this week so I am sorted for the long weekend.

I've also decided to take Boxing Day (Monday) off work. The sleep in will be great, but it means that I will be away from a computer for an unprecedented four days! This will totally suck. So, if you want to send me a cheery Christmas email, please send it to my phone:
tinygibbon AT ezweb dot ne dot jp

(Cue violins) Remember, I'm in a foreign country with no family or friends around, so c'mon, send me a little lovin'


  1. Hey, I've been checking out your blog and it seems we have the exact same taste in other blogs. Amazing!

    I like your stories, especially the visit to the hairdresser (I have a mullet now) and Oddities. Merry Kurisumasu to you too, hope you have a good one.

    ximena at burningbright

  2. Hey Ximena,

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the visit. Ya, I was impressed with your blog list too, you have excellent taste!

    A mullet eh? Was that by choice, or another 'lost in translation' moment?

    Enjoy your break from school (if you get one?!)

  3. Hey Dee! Hope this gets through in time (probably not) but have a wonderful Christmas/ Hannakah/ Festivus/ Bat Mitzvah/ Ramadan anyway. Apparently I'm the funniest guy in the world. Do I win anything?

  4. nina from helsinkiDecember 22, 2005

    Hi, I like your blog and it makes me think of last year when I was in Tokyo ... and I'm surprised that the memories are quite happy!
    However I jetted off to NYC for Christmas when I realised I'd have to work on Christmas Day if I stayed in Japan.
    Meanwhile, here in Hel (sinki), it's looking to be my SECOND northern hemisphere non-white Christmas in a row!!! What's the good of freezing if you can't throw snowballs and inflict bodily harm during the season of goodwill to all (blah blah blah).
    Find yourself an English bar and get drunk with the rest of the orphan Aussies! Or just pop into your local Nova school and get drunk with them there!
    Hyvää Joulua!

  5. Fatman, thanks for the all-encompassing wishes. I'll take the Festivus thanks. Hope yours was lovely too.
    Yes, you are the funniest man in the world (this week anyways) and you win a lifetime supply of natto if you so choose.

    Nina, cheers mate. Yes, it was a non-white Christmas here too, although the west coast is inundated.
    Hope yours was ok and involved lots of wine and good food.