19 January 2006


I know, I'm a total train geek, but I really can't get over the length of the trains and, therefore, the platforms in this country. Took this with my phone's camera whilst stumbling about waiting for the last train home.

Speaking of trains, I have recently chatted a few times with my darling Tumbleweed in Scotland who has just bought herself a wee little flat - how exciting! As always, our phone conversations turned to mad plotting and scheming. Get two Leo's together and there's nothing we can't think up.

The latest cunning plan sees a change in our V to V journey - Vladivostok to Val d'Isere (where her apparently very fit brother lives) in France. The new plan is bigger, better, harder and faster. It is simply titled 'My Place to Your Place' or, if you speak to Tumbleweed, 'Your Place to My Place'. As the title suggests, we take a train from Tokyo to wherever the boat leaves for Vladivostok in Japan, a train across Russia to St Petersburg, then a train across Europe that somehow includes most eastern European countries, so I'm sure quite a bit of backtracking will be involved, so across Europe to London, then the train up to Edinburgh.

OK, so it needs a little work and some minor details need to be refined - such as finding out where the boat actually leaves Japan for Vladivostok - but there's time for that later. In true Leo tradition, we create the grand plans, but are not so hot on actually carrying them out.

Check in with us in 6 months time and I'm sure it will have transformed to an epic round-the-world-three-times with this thrown in for good measure. And when will we do this amazing trip? When we both get out of debt.


  1. sounds about right darlin, I'll go buy that lotto ticket..... also, I'll let my brother know that he is apparently fit, I'm sure that he's in the dark with that one x

  2. Tumbleweed! *shriek*

    Hellooo darlin'! Thanks for stopping by. Am missing you terribly which is why I had to write that wee missive about our plans.
    I'm sure when we're old and grey we will be sitting in our rocking chairs knitting that eternal scarf and reminiscing about 'the trip that could have been'.
    I am in dire need of a three-bottle-tartan-pyjama-party.

  3. Oh, and every girl I know who has met said brother has told me he is a very attractive man. Must be a family trait hm?

  4. Ferries leave from Fushiki near Toyama to Vladivostok at these times. The snow in your pictures look wonderful by the way. I'm a winter junkie. Sunday, as you may have heard from many complaining fiends and relatives, was an ugly kind of hot. Temperatures are normal now but will be hot and humid on every day except on the day of the Big Day Out which just goes to prove that there is a God and He is a mean spirited mother f-cker who likes to see His creations suffer (i.e. let His "only son" get nailed to planks of wood)

  5. Greetings o fellow winter junkie. I haven't got any work to do today so thanks for keeping me entertained.
    Cheers for ferry timetable. I think I am facing the inevitable fact that it's not going to happen :/ How are your plans progressing?
    I have received many emails from folk at home about the bastard state of the weather. Makes me glad to be in sub zero temperatures in a draughty flat where, even with the heating turned up to 27 degrees C, I still have to huddle under a doona for warmth.
    There can't be a god. That will mean that my recovery from Catholic school education was all in vain!

    It's tragic that I comment more (and longer) than anyone else on my own blog.

  6. Attempting to learn Russian in February at the CAE. I just need to know enough to order soup and phrases like: 'Take me to the casuality ward. I need to get vodka pumped from my stomach.' Purchasing tickets next. Then getting visa.