17 January 2006

Moving On

Around Christmas time, I was weighing up my options and had almost decided to move to Korea, but then thought I'll stick it out a bit longer in Japan. However, as usual, I'm getting itchy feet and need to change something. In the past, this would have been a drastic new hair colour/style/extensions, but as the colour change has already been dimwittingly thrust upon me, I have decided to move house.

I saw a FABULOUS apartment/room last week. It's in Mejiro, just near Takadanobaba, (I had to write that as it's one of my favourite words, along with Okachimachi) so it's a lot more central to where I am now. It's also on the main Yamanote line which means it's a lot easier to get around.

It could turn out to be yet another of my questionable decisions because the apartment is actually smaller than The Den. It is also older and is on the ground floor, which, in the eyes of the Japanese, is a small step up from the gutter. Ground floor apartments are not popular here as it means there's a hell of a lot more building to collapse on you in an earthquake. There's also the risk of flooding (yawn, been there, done that) during the rainy season and summer when insane tropical storms, oh typhoons, come barrelling through the metropolis.

There were three apartments to choose from. As soon as I walked in, I knew it was the one for me. I just knew. To be polite, I looked at the one upstairs, but refused the third level viewing - cheaper, but even smaller. The gigantic, impassive Lithuanian agent barely masked her surprise when I leapt around 'my' apartment squealing 'Yes, yes, yes!' (Although, it may not have been surprise, it may well have been fear.)

The new place, The Palace, is so cool. The layout is so much better than The Den's. And I know, it's only one room with a bathroom off it, but believe me, there is layout, baby - and layout matters. The Palace has floorboards which is so much better than carpet or, god forbid, tatami mats which are a nightmare. There are two windows and a kitchenette in the corner. Oh, and did I mention the yard? Woo-hoo! It's a concrete space about 7 metres by 5 metres, but it's space. It's a whole other living area which is just screaming for some big pot plants, a banana lounge and wee bbq.

In a move I am trying not to think too much about, I am returning the double mattress to Mary-Lou and Jim-Bob, to be replaced by a single bed. Oh woe. I guess I am resigning myself to my fate as a singleton, but at least it will give me some much needed room for MY NEW COMPUTER! I will never be seen in polite society again once I get my tiny machine in my new house. I haven't decided what to get yet, but there's no rush as I don't move until February 11th. God, that's ages away. I honestly am so excited I can hardly sleep. I hate The Den and am getting severe cabin fever.

How am I going to get through the next 25 days?


  1. GG! I am so excited about your move too! Takadanobaba and Meijiro are jsut a short ride on the Yamanote from me, so I am sure the after-work drinks and meeting for coffee and stuff will be a lot easier! How exciting!!!! I know what you mean about that "feeling" of just knowing... They say that buildings and cities have starsigns too, so sounds like your compatibility with the Palace was love at first sight! Good for you! Thanks for your comment too! Talk soon. NG

  2. you crack me up! i know where i got it from! glad to hear you are excited about something, what about some photos?

  3. NG, thanks sweetie. I'm especially happy as I'm slowly getting closer to Shinjuku which is where I want to live eventually. It's my fave place in Tokyo - it just rocks!

    Nic, glad you got a laugh. Mum took it very seriously and I just got an email full of grief about going to Korea. I'm still not sure why she's against the idea but I'll write back to explain myself.
    I'll mail you the link to the flat, and I'll take some photos when I move in. 23 days to go. Hurrah!