24 January 2006

To Cool the Melbourne Folk

This post is for the (two) readers I have in Melbourne, who have been sweltering in 40 degree-plus temperatures this summer.

Woke up early on Saturday to head off to the second job I'm doing over the next few weekends. It kinda blows as it means I'm pulling 9 - 10 hour days without a day off for three weeks, but I really need extra cash to buy a computer. After the alarm went off and I was lying there stunned, I realised that everything was rather quiet. I looked out the window and noticed that it was snowing heavily! Hurrah! Living in the bubble that I do, I had no idea that snow was forecast, or even how much fell, so for now I will just say that it was a lot. I was so excited to see snow that I got straight on the phone to Jim-Bob to squeal and laugh. He cracked up and said he had been wondering who he could call who would actually be excited about snow. Of course, I was the only buffoon he could think of.

I trudged to the tram stop. (Er, another photo of tracks, but it's all I've got.) Although I've spent a couple of winters in Scotland, and some time in Europe, I had completely forgotten how snow beautifully muffles the sound of everything. It's like it takes the harshness from sound as it blankets everything it falls on. I'd forgotten the crunching sound it makes when you walk on it.

I'd also forgotten how bloody slippery it gets when the snow begins to melt and turns into sheets of ice on the footpath. When walking along the icy paths, all I could think about is that I have no money, no health/travel insurance and no way to communicate to anyone that I have broken my leg/arm/back should I slip on the ice.

Sorry for the crud pics. I wanted to take my camera and run around the city like the typical dumb Aussie as I was so excited to see snow, but had to make do with my phone as I made my way to work. Then it was 10 hours sitting at a computer in a room with no windows so I missed all the fun. The first one is the 'view' from my front door. They were both taken first thing in the morning, so the amount of snow in them is minimal compared to how it looked by the end of the day. I'm living in a real winter wonderland.

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  1. hmmmm just a matter of interest... does snow really sooth the voices?
    hmm i don't mean when it's snowing... there it is as an result of that one can't see much, so cars slow down etc...
    i meant just laying there... ?
    if so, i didn't notice it be4...
    silly me...