10 January 2006


Not in the mood for writing at the moment. Am happier reading.

Went to Yokohama the other day. Harbour shots:

And then caught the ferry to Chinatown:



  1. Cool pictures, the last one made me hungry. Do you not feel like writing because I stole all your draft ideas?

  2. Love the pics too, GG! Made me want to get on a train to Yokohama. Or at least buy some niku-man at the supermarket on the way home! thanks for the comment yesterday on my post... when visitor leaves and things settle, I am so up for that drink we have been talking about! talk soon.

  3. Hamish - Ya, you stole all my ideas! But apart from that, I'm preferring to read blogs as everyone elses lives are infinitely more interesting than mine at the moment. I am BORED BORED BORED! Ah, feel better now.

    NG - Hurrah! A drinking binge will surely relieve my boredom, or at least make me forget it.
    Mail me when you recover from your hangover!

  4. thanks for stopping by! yes, that prelude is BEAUTIFUL, although the opera is very sad...
    Try Der Fliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman) as a first Wagner opera. It is MUCH shorter than his others, and a little easier to listen to.
    I will be playing it on my show pretty soon. Tune in this Tuesday over the Internet, and I will play a request for you - whatever you want to hear!