28 February 2006

Doing it the Old-Fashioned Way

One of my definitions of frustration is sitting at my kitchen table, writing on a notepad with a pen - it may as well be a quill so primitive is it - by the mocking glow of the little 100mbps internet cable box that is just waiting for me to plug a computer into it. However, there are a few good things about not having a computer at home:
  • The feel of the pen in my hand. I love to twiddle and twist it every couple of sentences.
  • The sound of my sleeve sliding across the page. It makes me think of old writers and composers who created by candlelight, with only the scratch of their feather pen to break the silence.
  • Tossing the pen down with a sense of satisfaction and completion.
  • Vehement full stops.
  • Crossing things out with passion. Adding things with enthusiasm.
  • Throwing the pen.

But dang it, I'd give it all up in a flash for a sweet, sweeeet little laptop.


  1. I like the sound of the sleeve you mentioned. Reminds me of the sound of sliding your fingers up and down guitar strings. But my handwriting is terrible so I always prefer typing.

  2. Ya, I used to have beautiful handwriting, and now it's gone to the dogs, so in a way it's nice to get some practice again.
    Btw, I hear on the 'blogvine' that you have the most intense eyes... do post a pic of them! ;)

  3. r o f l.
    l o r f
    etc... :D