10 February 2006


I have just realised that I have 14 email accounts.

That is simply ridiculous.


  1. There's a wonderful scene in Steve Martin's movie, The Jerk. His character, Nathan Johnson is jumping up and down with excitement because "the new phone book is here!! Now I'm somebody!" The next scene shows a deranged killer caressing a rifle, opening up the "new phone book" and blindly pointing his finger at Nathan Johnson's name. "Sounds like a typical pinko commie bastard to me."

    I remember that scene every time I get an e-mail I don't recognize or a piece of junk mail.

    "He hates these cans! Stay away from the cans!"

  2. With 14 email accounts it must take you days to go through all the junk mail you get on a daily basis. Better just to have 1 I reckon.
    Take care.

  3. i would love to stay in japan!

  4. hmmm just a matter of interest... are you using All of them?
    Oooor in my case you use only one but managed to intrigue a difficult net of forwarding between them?
    holly panties, this reminds me of one buddy, friend of mine, who did so as well, just that net was so sophisticated that it almost had a spider in the center, and one terrible evening there came a mail on one old adress of his, and he got bombed off.. for it came several milion times to him as a forw... hmmmm poor old bugger..