20 February 2006


The stat counter shows the words people have entered into search engines that result in them being referred to my site. I've been putting this list together (sorry, no bullets) of some of the more entertaining entries, but this guy has had similar ideas so I've been putting off posting this lest he think I am copying him. However, I am feeling very lazy and can't be bothered writing, so this is my cop-out entry.

"pics of victoria beckham wearing white socks"

"japanese men with gaijin"

"infected ingrown toenail photos"

"sexy one girl a-day"

"sexy arse girl"

"words for song the redback spider on the toilet seat overnight"

"guy sitting on toilet girl comes in and sits on his lap porn"

"girl sit in japanese toilet images"

"marry go round susi in yokohama"

"cow bows strip club in"

"what is being done to protect Gibbon"

"the lower half of a girl"

"white meat back streets porn"

"vladivostok married to japanese"

"tokyo school girl"

"takeshita street platform boots"

"gaijin trauma"

"super combat girl pics"

"blackhead anal"

And I thought my blog was so sweet and innocent (yet occasionally cynical, twisted and jaded)!


  1. Those are some good ones. People are such freaks when left to their own devices.

    I've found that Google thinks posts like these are good "keywords" for your site, so prepare for an onslaught of even more freaks.

  2. Hamish, that is excellent news. I've always been a fan of observing freakish behaviour - which may explain why I ended up here in Tokyo!

    My fave is "what is being done to protect Gibbon". A most valid and worthy concern, and one of my favourite animals.

  3. by jove! did i overlook something?
    mmmm sexy arse girl perhaps?
    hmmmm victoria beckham with white socks? How delightful! birdie num num ... hm

    muhehehehhehe hmmm on the contrary, it's very serious matter now people can ... be stupid...
    hmmm ach jo!