24 February 2006

Where to Go From Here?

The Clown's incompetence is reflected in the stunned expressions on the faces of the six gaijin who have just discovered that they are being laid off. Apparently the business hasn't taken off as well as the Clown hoped, so the game development department is no longer required. I feel so bad for them, and one has a baby on the way, so dunno what he's going to do.

I received an email this morning from my supervisor saying that I'm not on the list of layoffs, which is quite a relief as last night I was frantically trying to find my return ticket to Australia. It would be a reverse of the horror trip I had coming over, as it's via Vietnam - with an 8 hour stopover in Ho Chi Minh City - an insane place I have no desire to see again, especially after being spoilt by the clean, ordered society I live in here. It's an open ticket valid until April 4th, so if things go pear shaped before then, I might see y'all sooner than I intended!

I'm not comfortable living with so much uncertainty. I want some semblance of security in this rather random existence I find myself in. I'm not ready to go home yet. There's still too much I want to see and do before I end up back in the arse-end of the world. The ideal has always been to work/live in the UK or Europe, but that's difficult to do legally with an Australian passport, unless sponsored by a company. (Tumbleweed, get that business up and running girl, and I'm coming over!) I viewed Japan as a stepping stone to somehow getting there as I can't see myself staying here indefinitely, even if the work is available, but have not quite managed to sort it out yet.

All advice, job offers, etc will be welcomed and duly considered...


  1. chmmm speaking for myself that Clown buddy seems to me as a pretty f*er ... chmmmm as i feel it, I wouldn't work on a place like that for no money... i admire your guts.... no don't look around, they're not showing...

    hmmm and another hit to the point.... i think that with that uncertainity livig there in japan you hit the score point (ammm i mean that you really used the right words)
    i really think that That is precisely what's happening to you and i feel most sorry for you... :'(

    always be on guard my dear...
    :* honza

  2. Congrats on not getting laid off? April is pretty soon, are you def going back before then?

  3. Yes, perhaps I should put that on my resume... 'A proven ability to negotiate and avoid being fired'!
    I had to have a return ticket when I first arrived in Japan as part of the entry requirements for a tourist visa. The officials here like to make sure not too many of us aliens stick around! I never dreamed I would be considering using the return - I was just going to cancel it. I don't think I'll have to leave though. Something will work out, it always does :)