10 February 2006

Who Are You?

I originally began this blog when I got to Japan to make it easier to keep in touch with family and friends at home and to avoid the tacky group email. The strange thing is, it turns out that very few family and friends actually read it, although family swing by often enough for me to keep it rated PG.

I have a stat counter for the blog so I know how many people visit the site, where they are ie country/state, referring link, IP address, how long they spend on the site and what browser and operating system they are using. I even know the resolution of their screen. Oh yes, big sister exists baby, and she lives here in Tokyo!

Anyways, I find it intriguing that the majority of my readers don't actually know me. Why is it that strangers are more interested in my life, well, feel more compelled to keep coming back, than people who do know me? The people who comment regularly are not people I know - but cheers guys, love your work. At first I was hurt that a lot of my friends wouldn't spare 5 minutes a week to log in and see what I was up to - heck, if any of them wrote a blog, I'd be checking it daily. Invariably they would come up with, 'But I don't understand blogs...' or some such drivel. And then something struck me. I don't personally know anyone who writes a blog. I've met people through the 'blog world', but I don't actually know a single individual who writes their own blog, and I thought everyone had one these days. Most people I know are complete technophobes.

So, further to my previous post, I would like to invite anyone who is reading this now to send me an email to introduce yourself. There are regular readers I haven't heard from and as I have no idea who you are, I am curious.

The email link is at the top right of the page.
Don't be shy now...


  1. I have often wondered the same myself. And GG, you do know someone who writes a blog... ME! Keep up the writing girl! Love reading how your crazy mind works! And heck, if the family doesnt check in regularly, maybe we could see some of that sensored stuff you have been meaning to write in your "other" blog!???

  2. guess who ;-))))