2 February 2006

Working Girl

Hey, thanks for all the emails. I'm absolutely fine. I haven't posted anything for a while as I worked too many days straight - can't even remember how many now - and now have an avian-like flu so was in bed for the last two days. I got roped into working this weekend too, so another 9 days to go. Argh! On the 10th day I move into the Palace. Then. I. Crash.

I've also been having WAY too much fun, but as this is a family-oriented blog, (note to self, start new blog where I don't have to constantly monitor what I write) I won't be able to regale you with the tales. Suffice it to say, I'm having a ball. Definitely burning the candle at both ends (which is actually one of the dumbest idioms in existence but I'll keep it in because it's taking up space. In fact, I can't think of one single idiom that doesn't piss me off. I hate them all - idiot idioms and stupid sayings). So... where was I going with that? Not sure, doesn't matter. If you take anything away from this post, and I'm quite sure you won't, make sure it's a solid hatred of idioms.

And that's all folks. x


  1. I'm a dumb idiom. Hope your hatred doesn't spread to me young lady. Good to know you're having a blast in the land of the Little People.

  2. Hey GG! glad to see the post! thought you were being held hostage in some grand palace somewhere by a British romeo with a not-so-British libido!?? All jokes aside, hope you are feeling better after your attack of the avian-like flu, and hang in there with all that work! From a fellow-idiom hater!

  3. When you do start your secret blog, can you call it "Gaijin Gone Wild," and email me the link?

  4. Fatman, you are no dumb idiom. I reckon you must be a true original. I am embracing the Land of Little People and also being a giant amongst them. Call me Gulliver.

    NG, if I find that British contradiction you speak of, I'll let you know, but that may be a life mission! Avian-like flu loitering in annoying fashion but I'm a trooper. Good luck with the job girl!

    Hamish, love the new title. When I start a new blog, you will be the first to know babe.