10 March 2006

A Bloke Named Willie

I am very impressed. A friend of a friend (and possible future employer? hehe) is planning to ride a Vespa across Europe to raise money for cancer research/awareness. I so admire anyone who has the guts to get off their arse to actively make a difference, as I rarely make it off the couch. Apparently, he is getting sponsorship for this epic feat and I'll post details of his blog/website when it's up and running so we can all support him in this worthwhile endeavour. You can keep track of where he's at and buy him a beer if he's passing through your town in Europe.

Tumbleweed and I were thinking about trying to get sponsorship for our Trans-Siberian V to V journey, but, as Tw so aptly pointed out, that was just to fund our vodka intake and to impress fit men with furry hats. I feel so shallow.

(Willie, perhaps a PayPal link for donations on your site too?)


  1. That's the key to going to Europe to make a difference- "sponsorship." I wish I could find a sponsor to get me to work and back every day. Yikes! I sound bitter. I'm really a very happy person.

  2. Hi Yawning. Yeah, I wish I thought to get sponsorship to drag my sorry arse to Japan. It would have been a damn sight easier.
    It's ok, you don't sound bitter.