6 March 2006

GG Does it Herself

Hey! Guess what I'll be doing at some point over the next two weeks?

Flying to Edinburgh?

Climbing Mount Fuji?

Building a float for the upcoming Takayama Festival?

Getting married?

No, no, no, and haha, no!

No, I will be doing something I have always dreamed of doing and never thought I'd get a chance to do. With the help of my friend and fellow geek, I will be BUILDING MY OWN COMPUTER! Just think, I'll be able to partition the hard-drive so I can install Linux and have a regular OS as well. Er, or something like that...

Oh my god, I am so excited, I might just explode!


  1. GG - I saw this a while ago, and had to dig it up for you. Make me one too.

  2. Oh Hamish. OMG, too funny! That is fantastic. I am so pleased I am still at work to see this - it has made my day. There's a whole world of possibilities out there. I rather fancy a magnum champagne bottle. Am off to a friend's house now to drink champers while we watch the Oscars, so I'll pick up some Moet on the way. I will accept all requests. Cheers!