23 March 2006

I just viewed the blog in Internet Explorer for the first time in ages. Fucking Internet Explorer! There's messy code all over the place!

So, if you've been viewing it using this shitty OS:
1. Why? Why are you still using it when Firefox is the far better alternative?
2. Sorry it was all messy.

If you're viewing this with Safari or Opera or something, then I have no clue what it is going to look like. Sorry.

Next rant.

Fucking Blogger. You totally suck as a blogging thingy!
I can't even post a comment on my own blog. You really, really blow big time!

Hope Mozilla come up with a half-decent blog program. Puh.


  1. standards are what make the world go round. thank god for microsoft and some kind of centralised system (like the soviets). 'firefox' will crumble soon enough like all the others before them.