13 March 2006

I'm a Happy Little Vegemite

I’m pleased to report that I’ve just bought my first jar of Vegemite. It is available here in international supermarkets, but as I didn’t have a toaster in my last apartment, there was no point buying it. I discovered the other day that my microwave doubles as a grill so I can now make toast. Tell you what, I’m really living the high life here! It’s all good though, as I can live off tea and toast.

I only discovered the grill feature by accident. The microwave is covered in Japanese writing, but as my intelligence in that department is less than that of a two year old, I am lucky there are pictures as well. One of the buttons has a picture of a piece of bread on it and, as I assumed it was not there to indicate that you could bake a loaf, I refrained from throwing in a slab of yeast. Threw in a slice of bread instead and voilà, I was able to satisfy my Vegemite craving, accompanied by copious amounts of Earl Grey tea.

It puts a rose in every cheek.


  1. It's true what they say about traumatic childhood experiences. When they're horrible enough, you block them out. That describes my experience with that Vaginomite or whatever it is. It seeps pure hatred and foul.

  2. Sorry to say it Yawn, but if that pic is anything to go by, your childhood was indeed traumatic. Best it's left in the dark, back room of your mind, never to see the light of day again. Repression is the key here. Use it wisely.