22 March 2006

Stubble for the Girls?

I have recently been chatting with some fellow gaijin girls who are far more knowledgable about all things Nippon than Yours Truly. One of the things I have learnt from these wise ones is that it is common for women in Japan to remove the hair from their forearms. Ah! Right then. Looks like long sleeves are the way for me to go this summer.

I also discovered that the top beauty tip is to shave your face! Tiny razors are available for women specifically for this purpose, and can also be used to tidy up those annoying, stray eyebrow hairs! I was told that these little razors are so sharp they could hack through concrete. Apparently, the belief is that the soft, downy and essentially invisible hair on a woman’s face (and forearms) is considered highly unattractive, and that makeup can be applied more easily without it - making for a beautifully clear complexion. Some gaijin women have also been known to embrace this practice.

I originally thought this idea outrageous, but as time goes by, I feel that I should shave my face at least once (never thought I’d be writing that down), in my attempt to assimilate to life in Japan. It is said that when in doubt, do what the locals do. The problem is that I have a very (understandable) fear that I will do something wrong, in fact, it really is a given, and I shall slice my face up like a lovely portion of sashimi.

Sorry for the pash-rash, boys. It’s payback time for GG.


Posting will be intermittent over the next week or so as I'm really busy at work. However, fear not, as the posts will continue in the banal and mediocre vein to which you are accustomed.


  1. But as your title suggests, don't they get stubble? And aren't they afraid it'll grow back thicker? I would say stick to your gaijin ways on this one, there are probably easier ways to assimilate that don't involve concrete smashing razors.

  2. Don't do it!! It might grow back darker. And don't give in about the arms either. They're getting to you, oh no...

  3. I found these directions on line!

    To Use:
    Apply milk lotion or soap foam onto the spot you want to shave and shave downwards gently. Recommended to apply lotion or cream after use.

    Be careful!

  4. Hm... interesting. Some conflicting advice here.

    I'll check out the lethal blades in the stores and I'll take it from there. (and stock up on bandages, sticky plaster and a needle and fishing twine. Perhaps some super-glue as well, just in case.)

    Wish me luck!

    ps the rant must have worked coz i can now get in. ahem.

  5. OH NO! Don't do it, GG!!! I heard the same comments about "having a super-soft face" minus any facial hair. So, I bought one of those teeny-tiny razors (they have a very small blade) and could pass for a ballpoint pen. They run on one small battery.

    So, picture this: I'm a redhead with totally blond facial hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. If I didn't put on makeup, you could use my face for a whiteboard! A "friend" calls me Eraser Face. Why in the world would I need to shave? Well, on a lark, I thought I'd try the so-called Japanese beauty secret.

    After I shaved, my face hurt for a full day from the chafing because I didn't know I was supposed to use any cream or whatever. Then the STUBBLE came! Do you have any idea how weird it is for a female to have facial stubble? Leg stubble is more than enough stubble in my book, and I sure as heck don't need facial stubble. After a few days of stubble, I started worrying that my facial hair would grow in coarser and darker, but thankfully it didn't.

    So, my advice? DON'T DO IT! It's a totally bizarre beauty routine that makes absolutely no sense!