24 March 2006

The Weather Report, Brought to you by GG

There was a hint of spring and a scent of cherry-blossoms in the gale that roared around Tokes this morning. Contemplating life as I joined the masses scurrying to the station, late for work … again, I realised that I’m not ready for spring. Tokyo is just beautiful in winter – cold, but clear blue skies and sunny days. I love rugging up in my too-small winter coat (damn living in a pygmy-sized society), gloves and beanie, and the feelings of coziness they provide.

Spring brings hay-fever.

Then comes the rainy season, which is aptly named. Torrential rain all day, everyday, for approximately six weeks. GG suffers very, very bad hair during this time.

Vile summer follows rainy season. Hot, hot, hot. No variation, just insanely high and constant temperatures. Night-time temperature will not go lower than 27 degrees Celsius and daytime temperature will soar to as high as 43 degrees Celsius, with a minimum 90% humidity. Being outside is like being in a sweatshop, but without the pay benefits. The air is heavy, oppressive and damp. GG suffers very, very bad hair during this time.

During spring and summer, we also have typhoon season, just because things weren’t bad enough already. Between May and October typhoons pound the country, and peak in August and September. Streets become rivers, winds roar, and children, animals and little old people get either washed or blown away. GG suffers from very, very bad hair during this time.

Note to self: Shave head in addition to shaving face to avoid the next six months of very bad hair.


  1. That weather sounds absolutely terrible. Sorry?

    I can vouch for shaving one's head though, it is very freeing.

    Also, I'm a fan of the smaller people. Asia's probably one of the few places I've been where I can see over crowds.

  2. Hi. Yup, you don't come to Japan for the weather! And I forgot to mention earthquakes, and the giant cockroaches that arrive with the warmer weather. It's prob about 6 months of great cold weather and 6 months of horrible weather.

    Ya, I envy that men can shave their heads. Life would be so much easier and I wouldn't be late for work everyday if that was the case.

    Hehe, you write like a tall person. I always thought you were over 6 foot or something...

  3. You also forgot to mention the rains of frogs.

  4. Yup, and the plagues of locusts...

  5. I enjoyed reading through all your old posts and I completely agree about the "bad hair year" we experience here :p