5 April 2006


Happy First Tokes Anniversary to GG!

And the occasion was marked by the most unexpected, yet entirely welcome and excitingly random moment a gaijin girl could wish for.

Yay for everything in life!


  1. Happy first anniversary! It's my second! Are we still having fun? Of course, how could we not? This is Tokyo after all!

    I love your blog and added it to my favorite blogs list. You really make me laugh at some of your stories!

    It has occurred to me that I, too, probably make living here more difficult than necessary. I haven't made any attempt to learn Japanese (why bother? when I go back to the U.S., who will I speak Japanese to?) I have a limited number of brain cells and refuse to give up the ones I need to deal with other things that won't matter in a few years--like speaking Japanese.

    Anyway, I'm glad to have your blog to read to give me more perspective on how well I'm functioning here in Tokyo. If other people are experiencing the same things, then it's not just me being a nut case!

    The worst things for me are the cockroaches. I had never even seen one before! Now I'm actually adjusting and don't freak out quite so much. OK, well I still freak out, but at least I don't run screaming down the stairs anymore to tell my landlady about them, or sleep with all the lights on, or wrap myself cacoon-style in a sheet/blanket hoping to avoid being touched by the vile creatures. If you want to be grossed out, take a look at

    I loved your entry about the miserable weather and must totally agree with you! How can people stand the heat, humidity, torrential rain, wind. . .?

    Thanks for your comments about my blog, too. I'll be checking in at Gaijin Girl often! Cheers!


  2. Hey Gloria! I have found it most reassuring to read your blog too, as we appear to be grappling with similar things! Life here can be very bizarre sometimes.

    I loved your cockroach entry. Being Aussie, I don't mind them so much as I'm kinda used to all sorts of beasties. I remember one New Year's Eve in Surfers Paradise stumbling around in barefeet with what I thought was a bit of sticky plaster stuck to the bottom of my foot. Turned out to be a huge cockroach I had stood on and squashed. Hehe. Poor cockroach.

    That video was hilarious - very Japan in the response!!!

    I'll send you a mail.

  3. Omedeto gaijin's kind of scary how quickly time passes here!

  4. Happy anniversary. I'm amazed too at how quickly time passes.

  5. ximena, vk and hamish - thanks! woo hoo!