18 April 2006

Losing Meme Virginity

Hehe, I'm It. Vernicious Knids has tagged me.

I am: an alien living in a very foreign land.

I want: straight hair. In a rather OCDesque way.

I wish: I was a genie so I could grant wishes to people who need some happiness in their lives.
I hate: cruelty to animals. Absolutely rage inducing.
I miss: perfectly chilled and icy, full-cream milk from home. Standing at the open fridge door and drinking it straight from the carton.
I fear: getting hurt.
I hear: startling moments of silence, made all the more apparent as they are preceded by the cacophonous
sounds that constitute daily life in Tokyo.
I wonder: what it's all about.
I regret: nothing. Everything I have done to date, right or wrong, has led me to where I am today, and who I am today.
And I have learned a lot from it all.
I am not: able to answer this one. If I am not, then I don't know, because I don't exist. Or something.

I dance: quite often, in a trance-type, foolish-like fashion. But only around headquarters.

I sing: very badly, but loudly and enthusiastically. To the horror of people around me at karaoke.

I cry: whenever I think of my little mate, my cat, back in Australia. And when I think about the horrible things people can do to each other.
I am not always: all that I can be.
I [will] make with my hands: the GG supercomputer. One day.

I write: a lot of rubbish.
I confuse: myself.

I need: to hear his voice. It soothes my soul.

I should: do nothing. Should is not in my vocabulary. I either will, or I won't.

I start: many projects...

I finish: very few. But I always finish the bottle of Champagne.
I tag: Nooh. You're It, girl!


  1. Hey GG! I did it and it was really quite fun! Thanks for the tag!

  2. no worries ng. loved your answers too. very sweet! hope to catch up soon.

  3. Enthusiasm at karaoke is the most vital talent! Your title made me LOL - is this really your first?!

  4. VK, er, um, ahem [clears throat nervously, flushes in embarassment and stares at her feet]. Ah, yup, that was my first.


  5. 1/ Cruelty to animals is a horrible, horrible thing. But I have hurt my neighbour's dog because it keeps telling me to kill people.

    2/ I regret: Everything. If I could travel back in time I'd force my parents to date other people. And then I wouldn't be born. And then I couldn't warn them about me. It's a bit confusing actually.

    3/ Whadda ya mean you write rubbish? Don't ever say that. (Of course you could write more often)

    4/ Will or Won't. Very Yoda of you Gaijin Girl.

    5/ Congrats on your one year anniversary (Hey, I'm only 13 days late!)

  6. Hi Fatman,

    Yay for still having both eyebrows, but shame bout the dismemberment. That will create some, uh, difficulties, I imagine.

    1/ It is bizarre you sent that link. Did you know about my obsession with serial killers? I was just re-familiarising myself with ol’ Sammy (amongst others) the other day. Spooky.

    2/ I sense some existential angst, Bub. Welcome to my world. Is this due to you celebrating your recent milestone? Keep drinking, my friend, it will all get better.

    3/ Um, is this because I haven’t emailed for a while? Heh heh. Ta.

    4/ Didn’t mean to sound Yoda-like. It’s just part of the GG philosophy that things should be easy. Too lazy to sit around ruminating over the ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ quandary. Easier to say, ‘Fuck it. Ok’ or, ‘Na, fuck it.’

    5/ Thanks, and who thought I’d make it?! No worries bout being late. I missed your occasion by days. And the party. Bugger.

  7. Wow, I'm jealous of the 'regret nothing' attitude! I can think of at least 4 things I regret from today alone... and today was a GOOD day. lol

  8. ET, you must have a lot more energy than me. I am simply too lazy to invest any energy in regret. I like to save my energy for other things, like... um, well, just getting through the day...