2 May 2006

GG Handy Hint #306

When running down the stairs to catch the train that has just pulled into the station, don't leap onboard, then stand in the doorway and peer out to try to read the monitor showing the train's actual destination.

The doors will close on your head.


  1. Ooh, poor thing! I hope the doors popped back open! (You weren't the reason for the Yamanote-sen breakdown last week were you?)

    The other day I was riding the Tokyu Toyoko line and a little girl fell on tracks, in the opening between the train and the platform. An ambulance sound went off right away and she was rescued by the station people. She seemed okay and was able to walk away. The whole thing took about 3 minutes.

  2. They definitely have rescues down to a fine art here!

  3. hope your head is not in a funny shape now.
    take good care of yourself!

  4. Hi Mambo, yay that you're still around, and posting again, too! Thanks, I was fine, just slightly stunned for a second. Another embarrassing moment for GG. To add to all the others.
    Apparently there are quite a lot of incidences where kiddies fall through the gap. Quite a worry.

    Hey VK, I rather like the order with which things seem to get done here. Including emergency responses - they're right on it.

    G'day Sus, um, my head is still the funny shape that it always has been! Shame the doors didn't belt it into something more attractive...

  5. I remember the doors closing on my neck the last time I was on a train in Japan. Completely beheaded me. Luckily the station emergency response unit managed to reattach my head back to my body (which had since wandered off to bet on horses).

  6. Fatman, that article is gold! Cheers, I might even contact them about some rewriting work.