7 May 2006

GG's Wishlist

This is an essential for any girl, at least until the real thing arrives.

And with the rainy season coming up, who wouldn't benefit from umbrellas on their shoes,

... and the portable cone of silence.

This would prove to be invaluable if adjusted to the right height when sitting at one's desk.

And this? Well, purely for entertainment value. I'm keen to know what the writing on the hat says, if anyone can read it. My guess is that it's along the lines of, 'Slap me if I look stupid.'


  1. Hilarious! Leave it to the Japanese to think of such "useful" items! Actually, I kind of like the chin rest thingy. Can't wait to hear what Fatman has to say about these!


  2. Hey, GG!!! The note on the chicks hat is not very legible, but I the big characters at the bottom say Nishiogikubo, which is a train station name, so i am guessing it says, "wake me the hell up when we arrive at Nishiogikubo station!" These are a classic!

  3.'s good to see these again :D And I agree with Nooh that it's a "wake me up at Nishiogikubo station".

  4. Ah, it's all the Tokyo gals! Yay.

    Thanks for the translation, you clever things.
    These pics are funny, and have been doing the rounds on the net for a while, but as I had a lovely, relaxing and quiet Golden Week, had nothing much to report.


  5. Oh man, I'm so antisocial that the cone of silence would make my day/week/month/year. I SO need to move to Tokyo!

  6. hi et, so you're antisocial eh? and want to move to tokyo? interesting combination. you do realise that there are like, 20 or 30 million people wandering around the city on a daily basis? there is no spaaaaaaaaace here, aaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh.
    ahem, which is why my wee apartment is my own personal cone of silence. one does need it here.

  7. Yeah, but I'm tall... I would tower above everyone & from my viewpoint they'd all look like tiny, interesting ants.

    Ok, so I'm not that tall... I still want to live in tokyo.

  8. hm, not sure how tall you are et, but i'm sure you would still tower over most people here. i'm blowing the gaijin freak-o-meter, so it'd be great if you came over, and took some of the pressure off me.

  9. Hahahahaaaa I laughed out loud and so did my staffroom neighbors at the girl with the "wake me at this stop" helmet. And we want the one for propping our head up during meetings. Ha ha ha!

    I wondered where you were for several weeks until I remembered to refresh your page, doh.

  10. hi ximena, glad you all got a giggle from the photo! i want one to help me sit at my desk at work - my arm is getting sore propping my head up.
    strange about the webpage. it should reload automatically when you open it. feckin' blogger.