8 May 2006

Morning Glory

When standing on the train this morning, I was very surprised to feel a hand lightly, yet rather enthusiastically, slap my bum about six times. Yay, I thought to myself, I'm finally getting some action from the elusive chikan. I have been feeling paranoid that I'm not worthy of a grope from these stealthy train prowlers, as I have yet to feel their furtive touch.

I turned around to smile and congratulate the man for being my first, and found myself looking down at a tiny woman who was gesticulating frantically for me to turn the volume down on my iPod. Rather confused, I complied and she gave me a thumbs up before disembarking. Why would she wait until she was just about to get off the train to tell me to do this? And where does she get off telling me how loud I can listen to music?

Ah, the paranoia remains, as I'm still waiting...


  1. maybe she was just a well-disguised chikan?

  2. Stay tuned for a chikan rant on my blog in the very near future. Seriously, count yourself luck you are so far chikan-free ;)

  3. hi et, aha! that would never occurred to me. you must have a brilliant criminal mind to come up with such a theory. i hope you use your powers for good, instead of evil (keeping the 'get smart' theme running...).

    hi vk, have you fallen prey to these unexceptional patrollers of the subway? i did think twice about writing about the topic in such a puerile fashion, as i know it's a really serious issue, and many, many women have been traumatised by these creeps. however, as is inevitable, my idiocy just shines through.

  4. I certainly have fallen prey...The reason I haven't posted about it yet is because I can't decide what tone I will use when writing about it...anyway I enjoyed your "puerile" post and I don't think you are an idiot :D

    BTW I believe I meant "lucky" in my first comment (blush)

  5. hey vk, god i hope you're ok. that must have been such a horrible experience. i'll be interested to know how you responded. i've been thinking about what i would do, and can't imagine what it would be like. i reckon i'd be extremely angry though. look after yourself.