6 June 2006

Slowing Down

I've been experiencing a bit of a blogging-block over recent weeks. Things are very quiet and rather boring at the moment. I also think that all blogs must have an expiry date and I'm wondering if the end is nigh for this drivel.

Work visa and contract are being renewed so, sometime before the end of next month, I'll be issued either a one or three-year visa. I'm not fussed which one as I am thinking of moving on - perhaps Shanghai or Seoul - by the end of the year. I'll see.

Next week a friend is coming to play in Tokes for a few weeks. I may even see if he wants to write about his gaijin guy impressions of Japan in order to breathe some life into this fast-sinking ship.


  1. Oh, don't stop, I have just discovered your blog recently, that wouldn't be fair! Look forward to hearing from your Gaijin Guy friend next week.....

  2. Don't do it GG, esp not with the potential move. And I vote for Seoul because I imagine the girls are hotter.

  3. I'm still waiting to hear about your first chikan groping... and how would I ever have known about the cone of silence without your blog??

    Besides, have you seen some (most) of the crap I post? I'm telling you, once you've rid yourself of the desire to write meaningful and/or funny stuff... you get, well, my blog. lol

  4. These people have a pretty good point Gaijin Girl (except for Hamish. I'm more into Singaporian chicks- a taste thing I suppose). You know what I do when I'm stuck for inspiration? I just select a random blog, any blog will do, read it, then cut and paste everything they've said, and post it, substituting my name for theirs. It works absolute wonders. And if it's a foreign language blog your readers will be slightly in awe of your edu-ma-cation at being able to read/ write another language.

  5. hey lulu, thanks for reading, and welcome to the mundanity that is my life. hopefully gaijin guy will be up for the challenge and will provide some entertaining tales that i, sadly, am lacking right now.

    hi hamish. i won't be quitting this in the immediate future. ggsa will probably die a long and protracted death - similar to my own death, ten years from now, if i don't refrain from inhaling.
    hm, i'm actually leaning more towards shanghai, so i'll do a hottie report for you when i get there.

    g'day b. i'm still waiting with baited breath to be groped! i have remain unmolested despite the fact that i travel far more than necessary on trains just to feel the chikan's secret poke. it may have something to do with the fact that i scare most people i encounter.
    ah, your blog is hilarious, mate, so don't you be going and saying nasty things about it. you totally rock.

    greetings fatman. words of wisdom and excellent advice that i shall take on board. to give you the heads up, i recently read about a mad caper to clone jc that i may put to use. unfortunately, the story wasn't finished, despite desperate pleas from avid readers to continue the tale. what sort of a blogger would ignore his/her fans that way?! a cruel one.

  6. When you go around Tokyo with G-Guy, I guarantee you'll see things afresh and will be inundated with great posting doesn't take long for everything to seem normal to us...we need newbies to remind us of the interesting stuff we see day in and day out...I guess this is a very long-winded way of saying "Keep blogging!"

  7. If you quit writing, I would miss you terribly! I check your blog every day for the latest updates.

    Blogs are an interesting phenomenon. Maybe it's because most of us feel a little disconnected from the world and reading about other people's lives makes everything more "real."

    We read about other people because we think our own lives are boring, or maybe we need validation that someone is experiencing the same thing we are. It seems like I'm always thinking, "yeah, that's what happened to me!" or "Wow! Someone actually said what I was thinking!"

    In such a big city, it's nice to know there are so many "friends" out there who manage to figure out the system and live relatively happy lives in their adopted country.

    I hope you keep writing your blog, GG. You make it all real for me!

  8. hey vk! hm, i don't think things could ever appear 'normal' to me here and maybe that's part of the problem. sometimes i wish i was writing about normal, everyday things, like stuff i used to be doing at home with friends. although, having said that, i don't want to be in oz. i think i'd just like different challenges. i'm sure g-guy's visit will help a lot.

    hi at. thanks so much for your lovely comments, as always. i, too, find it reassuring to read about others' experiences, both in japan and other countries, where they are not natives. blogging does help me keep some perspective on things, and allows me to look at them in a more objective light. things that can be terribly frustrating for me here just become another tale to tell.
    thanks for your encouragement. cheers!

  9. Come to America where everyone is insane.

  10. GG, please dont stop! I have missed your posts recently! And check in everyday to see what you are up to! come on, hang in there girl! Listen to your fans... we love reading your insights about your life in the big city. NG

  11. Lisa & MichaelJune 12, 2006

    GG, please keep posting. Me and my mate are living vicariously through you and your blog at the moment. We would both love to be in Tokyo but as mounting credit card debt makes this nigh impossible we hang out for your quirky view of all things Nippon and love your self-deprecatory humour. You have made Japan a must-see destination for us and we can only hope to have half as much fun when we get there. Keep up with the laconic Aussie insights babe!