11 July 2006

I Love YouTube!

I've been sorely missing my Buffy collection, so did a little search today and stumbled upon the unaired Buffy pilot. It's gold! It's also interesting to see how the episode progressed and changed into what eventually went to air.

Man, I so want to be a superhero, although if you'd seen my recent moves in kicking some serious cockroach butt, there would be no doubt in your mind that indeed I am.

Bite me.


  1. Good to see you back GG! I missed you! And am dying to hear about the adventures with visiting boy!!! DO we get to read about them???? Taking off back to Brissie tonight, but will call you when I get back in town for a catch-up drinkie! Hugs, NG

  2. hi nooh,
    have a safe trip back to oz. i'm relieved to hear your dad's going to be ok. enjoy the break from this infernal heat and your time with the family.
    cya when you get back.

  3. I want to be Sydney Bristow from Alias... she kicks bad-boy ass!! You can be Buffy & I'll be Sydney and together we'll rule the world. (cue evil laughter)

  4. hi syd, your cunning plan totally rocks as i have always wanted to rule the world and slay those that get in my path. and from a fellow leo, i imagine you're only half joking when you suggest it. let the games begin.