28 July 2006

It was only a Matter of Time...

I recently found a copy of The Very Best of Kiss in a friend's CD collection. It was cleverly hidden away at the back of a cupboard, under a stack of magazines, covered by a mountain of blankets, in a bunker ten feet underground and guarded by Alsations. I fought my way through to get to it, and it was worth every scratch, bite and eye-gouge. Although the dogs may not think so.

The immortal songs are now in my iPod. There have been some close calls out in public when I feel the irrepressible need to pump the air with my fist or sing falsetto, but I have managed to restrain myself. Thus far.


  1. Hee hee..."Greatest Kiss" is on very high rotation on my iPod Mini!

  2. the funheadJuly 29, 2006

    What is my what is mo-oo!

  3. i'm so pleased to hear that, vk. i thought i may have been the only tragedy.

    funhead: how many times do i have to tell you, charisma is so not the best song. although it has made for some hilarious moments.

  4. heh. I remember when I thought 'Beth' was the greatest song ever written. Ok, did I just admit that in public...

  5. b, seeing this is such an old entry, i will admit that i still cry when i listen to 'beth' and 'hard luck woman'. must be something about peter criss...

  6. Hi gaijin girl,

    I found your blog via vernicious knid's. I have to say your blog is pretty cool, especially when you have a post about Kiss! I'm a big fan.

  7. hi yteh,

    thanks for stopping by. is blue really your favourite colour??

    i am a big kiss fan and saw one of their many farewell tours in australia. they are freakin' amazing live, and paul stanley is a big show pony and i still adore him even after all these years! phew. i had to get all that out in one big sentence.


  8. Hi gaijin girl,

    Thanks for visiting my site. I haven't decided whether blue is my favorite color yet.

    I saw Kiss at a concert a few years back when they were performing with Aerosmith. They put on an awesome show. Lots of pyrotechnics and very loud. I loved it!

  9. yay, that sounds like heaps of fun. aerosmith would be great to see live too.

    i'm really enjoying your blog!