15 July 2006

Not Enough Red!

After looking at the tiny amount of red on this map, there's no way I can go back to Australia. I still have way too much to see. Hm, where to next?

Create your own visited countries map


  1. Fun! I'm going try this right now!

  2. I think you should go to South America...although the possibilities are endless. I did one of these maps a couple of months ago and i felt the same way, definitely not enough red.
    I am sorry to hear you are leaving Japan, however while this adventure may have come to an end your next one is waiting to start just around the corner. Best of luck!

  3. hi mambo, it is good fun! you've been to some interesting places too, by the look of it.

    hi lulu, er, about every 6 months or so, i say i'm going to leave japan - i just don't normally blog about it. i'm actually trying to get work in the uk or europe, but can't do that without sponsorship from a company, so i'll be around a while longer...
    thanks for your lovely thoughts though.

  4. I tried this map out a while ago too...I also did the European countries visited one...which provided a lot more red :D

  5. hi vk, ah, i shall have to find the european countries map as it won't look as feeble as this sorry effort.

  6. Yo G (G),

    howdy matey, Genja finds your blog. Though yes, Tehtmoh had actually let me know about it previously, I seem to remember now.

    Here is a story I am told by a friend who went to Japan for a while. Can you tell me if it could be true?

    He found that everyone was always extremely polite to him which he liked very much. But then, after he'd been there a while, he noticed that after asking for directions (in particular), he would often get a response that, while delivered with all thoughtfulness and care, when implemented, hadn't helped him at all. So he started to become suspicious. How could this be he wonders? Could it be socially more acceptable to appear helpful even if your response led to tears and madness? Could it be bad form to say 'forgive me friend but I don't know', or even 'no'?

    So then he did a test. He goes into the bank to withdraw some cash, receives his money from the teller, but then, he asks him, with a wink a smile, for 'just a little bit more thanks'. The teller looks bewildered, but rather than say 'get out of here clowny-boy' with a wink and a smile back, he goes off to get some help. More and more staff appear it seems before finally the manager is brought out.

    Sound plausible?

    (I can't remember how it was resolved in the end. But my friend told me the story back in Australia if you're wondering.)

  7. My vote's for germany! And it's not even in a 'misery loves company' way.... or is it? (insert evil laughter here)

  8. hey funhead, thanks for stopping by, big guy! how goes it?
    your tale sounds very familiar, indeed. i believe it is a cultural thing whereby it is difficult and considered rude to say no. which you'd think would bode well if you wanted, say, someone to give you cash, but the japanese have worked around this little anomaly and do just that. talk around and around in circles until you're so baffled you have to walk away before your head explodes. makes for some interesting days at work.
    so yes, your friend's story is entirely plausible. and very funny.

    hi b, i have been looking into germany. i would love to live there! er, i just need a kind company to sponsor me, so get on the case, girl. yay, misery shall have company!

  9. If you need any help with some Aussie-Deutsch let me know. Des should be able to give you a couple of pointers too. Which makes me realize I should get Suzi to teach me some Östereichian-English. Gut ein!

    And have you tried tap dancing away from bafflement at all?

    You'd know all about I take it. I dearly love that site. Poet extaordinaires that they are.

    Two of my favourite things, which I actually read in Thailand on my first visit out of the country, and which are the only two pieces of poetry I can recite, are:

    "We are usually the most composed of beings, but when we cat we get wild on instinct. Do you?"


    "Are you ready for big day at beach? Cause you really look so cube and handsome followers are just yours."



  10. yay, the funhead's back. er, i'm not thinking about learning german just yet as i should probably learn some japanese. (although i'd really like to continue learning italian.)
    my entire workday is as i'm rewriting stuff that is a direct translation of japanese, so i tend to avoid that site.
    now i'm off to get wild on instinct...

  11. funny to look at when you're french...^__^