10 July 2006

Random Moment #3452

Wandering the streets of Akihabara a few weeks ago, I noticed a large group of people standing around a huge television screen placed outside a store. I meandered over to see what was on and realised it was the live broadcast of the Japan vs. Brazil match from the World Cup. I stood and watched for a few minutes, and then Japan kicked the first goal of the game. Against Brazil.

I waited for cheering, yelling, jumping, euphoria... anything. But all was quiet. No one reacted. I glanced at the faces of those around me and they were completely expressionless. They could just as easily have been watching a Japanese soap opera.

I danced a little jig and went on my merry way.


  1. Welcome back!!!
    I can't beleive no one strange. Yet not surprising.

  2. thanks lulu.
    it was indeed a very, very random moment. i was really surprised by it, and still can't work out what was going on.