27 July 2006


This would have to be the most talked about unborn baby in the world. Every time I read The Age, Rowe is crapping on about her baby.

It must have been a helluva slow news week to report that story, and with such excruciating moment-by-moment detail. Who gives a shit!


  1. The Age know what they're doing. Every time a JR story is posted on their site, it instantly goes top 5 in their Most Viewed listing.

    Try as we might we can't help ourselves. We have to find out what annoying thing she's said now - after all, she was voted Australia's most annoying celebrity last month.

    In the story you've highlighted, the fact she calls her husband Petey annoys me the most for some reason.

    In the past the media has thrown a blanket over a few other annoying Australian female celebs - Delta Goodrem and Jana Pittman come to mind, and I'm sure there are more.

    The great thing is that the ratings for Rowe's TV show Today haven't improved since she announced the pregnancy. If she knew that was going to happen, she wouldn't have gone to all the trouble in the first place.

  2. Man, if I could just go one day without hearing about Jessica Rowe's exploits, I'd die a happy man. Wait, who's Jessica Rowe?

  3. mick, for some reason that article made me see red, and i agree that the petey part was annoying. honestly, aren't there more important things to report than someone tripping off a step? and that blow by blow account...feck, don't start me again.
    hehe. i didn't realise she was voted aust's most annoying celebrity. (she's a celebrity?!) although i actually have nothing against her, that makes me feel rather satisfied.

    hamish, not sure if i'm talking to you after being a lab rat for your experiments. :)
    (exactly! who is jessica rowe? a nobody, i tell you. a nobody.)

  4. I had no idea who you were referring to...and after reading the article...I still have no idea! I've been away for too long :D

  5. vk, to be honest, i'm not entirely sure either. i do know she co-hosts some crappy morning programme, but i'm not sure if it's in melb or syd. more than that, i don't want to know!